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  • Soldiers: Download Patch v1.12.2

    Soldiers: Download Patch v1.12.2 Schon wenige Tage nach der Veröffentlichung von Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2 hat Codemasters einen ersten Patch veröffentlicht. Die wichtigsten Auswirkungen von Version 1.12.2: deutlich höhere Stabilität im Koop-Modus und Mod-Support. Zurzeit ist ausschließlich die englische Fassung des Updates verfügbar; ein mehrsprachiger Patch soll in Kürze folgen.

    Das komplette Changelog:
    - SHIFT-click can be used to queue commands. This can be used to perform complicated actions or set movement waypoints.
    - Mines are now laid with the new ordering system above (SHIFT+click will lay each additional mine in a queued command rather than the soldier laying all mines in a line as they do in v1.05.1)
    - Greatly improved Co-operative stability for on-line and LAN - Out Of Sync issues resolved
    - Greatly improved game performance on internet-play - game will now play faster when slow machines are connected to the server (although there will still be some slowdown caused by slow machines).
    - Fixed several balancing issues across different difficulty levels - play should now be more suitable to the level selected.
    - Added key (default V) to highlight friendly corpses on co-op play. (useful to recussitate them!) - Shows both the soldier's name and the player in command of the unit.
    - User Interface added to re-define keys
    - Fixed several rare crashes in single-player mode
    - Fixed a rare crash related to loading saved games
    - Fixed issue where Odetta could appear too early in Rendezvous
    - Fixed objective in Ambush that happened occasionally when blocking the road
    - String added for the cannons on a boat in Lighthouse mission
    - Mission completed zone for a train moved to enhance gameplay
    - Fixed PC resets when playing with the Matrox Parhelia and SiS Xabre cards (please note that these cards remain unsupported and may have other issues)
    - Fixed issue where a searchlight would still move after its operator was dead
    - Fixed issue in Reconnaissance where player could not gain control of a certain tank
    - Fixed exploit where a soldier would continue repairing even if he holstered his repair kit
    - Fixed problem where soldiers may continue shooting if mouse button released while cursor on mini-map
    - Fixed problem where after a soldier cooks a grenade till it blows up (suicide!) the next greade throw's timer would be wrong
    - Fixed issue where gamma slider did not work on some radeon cards (please update drivers to latest catalysts -v4.6 at time of testing)
    - Fixed shadow glitch when using Radeon 9200
    - Fixed glitches on walls with Radeon 7500
    - Fixed issue where Rendezvous mission would not finish under certain circumstances
    - Fixed issue where some DirectX8 generation radeon cards would lose textures on soldiers' weapons
    - Fixed animation for the dog (it was previously too slow compared to the dogs velocity)
    - Weapons can now be unequipped with holster icon
    - User can now change profile without quitting back to windows
    - Fixed 'glowing soldiers' issue on a front end scene with a Radeon 7500
    - Fixed an issue where the Prishib Station mission would not finish under certain rare circumstances
    - Fixed careyover issue in Co-operative play that could assign far too many units to the host.
    - Fixed overlap issue with timer on certain missions while using a vehicle that can carry many men
    - Fixed issue where weapon bars at the bottom of the screen would remain displayed during cutscenes
    - Added option to 'Restart' a mission without needing to exit back to the front end
    - Fixed issue where certain broken objects may be intact when loading a saved game
    - Fixed an exploit that could allow a host to play co-op with no clients connected
    - Allowed clients to join a game when the current mission is finished, with no need to exit the campaign.
    - Improved chicken physics.
    - Fixed issue in Ambush where t may not finish when all player's units are dead.
    - Fixed issue with co-op where on occasion the host may have no units
    - Fixed multiplayer lag on machines using Windows ME.
    - Improved multiplayer code that resulted in many 'Waiting For Player' messages on screen with slow client machines
    - Fixed issue where the Pz-1B would not display damage correctly
    - Fixed issue where 'Tank Attack' would finish before the timer ended
    - Fixed several 'mini-maps' that did not correspond 100% to the mission
    - Soldiers will now be unable to enter vehicles that are upside-down
    - Fixed issue that could cause GeForce 4 MX 440 cards to hang after mission intros
    - Detected enemy mines will now be 'flagged' a different colour to mines set by the player
    - Mission intro 'flyby' scene performance improved
    - Fixed an issue involving picking up an item that was being examined by another player whereby the other player could still access the contents of the box when it was far away

  • Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2
    Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2
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Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2
Soldiers: Download Patch v1.12.2