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  • Master of Orion : Viertes Early-Access-Update bringt zahlreiche Verbesserungen

    Das vierte Early-Access-Update für Master of Orion steht zum Download bereit. Quelle: Wargaming

    Für die Early-Access-Fassung von Master of Orion steht das nunmehr vierte Update bereit, welches zahlreiche und umfassende Optimierungen mit sich bringt. Viele der bereits bestehenden Gameplay-Mechaniken werden mit der Aktualisierungen nochmals verbessert und ausgebaut. Wie Entwickler NGD Studios mitteilt, soll das Weltraum-Strategiespiel noch dieses Jahr in der finalen Version erscheinen.

    Master of Orion wurde von Entwickler NGD Studios und um das inzwischen vierte Early-Access-Update bereicht. Der umfangreiche Patch verbessert vor allem die bereits bestehenden Gameplay-Mechaniken und optimiert somit Diplomatie, Spionage, künstliche Intelligenz sowie Interface und weitere Aspekte der Weltraum-Strategie. Auch spielerisch gibt es einige Neuerungen: Bei Start einer Partie können Spieler nun auswählen, in welchem Zeitalter sie starten möchten. Darüberhinaus dürfen Produktions- und Populationsgeschwindigkeit in den Match-Optionen festgelegt werden.

    Gute Nachrichten gibt es im Bezug auf den aktuellen Entwicklungsstand von Master of Orion: Im Gespräch mit Journalisten des Online-Magazins bestätigte zudem Global Publishing Producer Jacob Beucler von Wargaming, dass die Weltraum-Strategie noch im Laufe dieses Jahres die Early-Access-Phase hinter sich lassen und in der finalen Version erscheinen soll. Einen konkreten Release-Zeitraum kommunizierte der Sprecher des Unternehmens dabei allerdings nicht. Nachstehend seht ihr eine Auflistung sämtlicher Änderungen, die das vierte Update für Master of Orion mit sich bringt.

    Master of Orion - Changelog zum 4. Early-Access-Update


    • Starting Age option added to match setup (Options: Pre-warp, Post-Warp and Advanced)
    • Production speed and Population growth speed options added to Advanced section of match setup
    • Savegames are now ordered by date
    • Added new galaxy model to reduce brightness of the core
    • Removed mouse drag in match setup
    • Added new text to the GNN news ticker
    • Added Host Migration timeout (15 seconds) to multiplayer and an error message to allow players to continue the game in single player mode
    • Optimized batch rendering; Reduced vert counts drastically improving performance in lower end systems
    • Fixed issue where Quick match AI players were not being properly loaded, resulting in only AI present regardless of Galaxy size
    • UI tweaks for both tactical and ship design tooltips
    • Added graphical indicator for non-assimilated pop in colony management


    • Fixed an issue in Ubuntu that prevented the user changing resolution when in windowed mode.
    • Fixed an issue with Ubuntu that prevented users to switch to full screen (this is a partial fix as Full screen is only working at the monitor's native resolution).

    Gameplay & Balance

    • Colony ship, Troop Transport, Civilian Transport and Space Factory blueprints are now auto-upgraded.
    • Moved one of the Technological Victory buildings from Moleculartronics to Multi-Dimensional Physics technode
    • Re-balanced planet composition (improved algorithm for diminishing returns)
    • Silicoid Population growth speed reduced
    • Uber-planets have been adjusted to play more like the Gaia biome
    • Races with Uber-planet perk now start the game in a planet with the Biome they can Uber-terraform
    • Additional wormholes added to Circular Large and Circular Huge galaxies
    • Troop Transports no longer remove marines from the colony
    • Increased minimum number of shares desired by races for better balance of the GMF


    • Diplomacy balance update to improve strategic decision-making of AI
    • Made it less likely that the AI will reject reasonable deal proposals
    • Tech trades: Made it less likely that the AI will also offer credits as part of trade
    • Improved analysis for Candidate Ally selection (both Defensive & Offensive)
    • Tech can now only be traded with races with which you have a good disposition


    • Acquire Data mission now reveals all current colonies of target
    • New mission: Steal Charts
    • New functionally allows queuing future missions
    • Added queue info to spy mission description
    • Overall missions duration adjusted
    • Revolt mission effect now last 20 turns
    • The camera no longer automatically changes zoom level or centers on a spy when selecting them
    • A "spy location" button has been added to the Espionage window allowing you to quickly switch the camera to the colony the spy is located at

    Artificial Intelligence

    • Improved efficiency for Production
    • Improved offensive and defensive strategies
    • Improved planetary ratings and potential colonization awareness
    • Improved Engage command to allow for multiple actions in the same turn (i.e. Engage and Bombard)
    • Defensive fleets now take into account immediate hostiles and empire under threat scenarios
    • Uses radars to determine settlement orbital defenses if possible
    • Added Blockade and EngageToBlockade targets
    • Changed engage distance for bombarding pirate settlements from Distant to Neighbors

    User Interface

    • New multiplayer top bar added
    • Improved Match Setup screen
    • Improved Ship Design Screen
    • Race information panel added to Audience screen
    • Improved Espionage screen
    • Improved Invest pop-up
    • Fixed Build pop-up alignment and added minor improvements
    • Establish Embassy deal renamed to Accept Embassy


    • Range Dissipation and Armor Penetration now affect Weapon Damage
    • Increased the size of battlefields
    • Fixed multiple bugs and Improved Overall performance
    • Fixed several modifier bugs and reworked the Continuous Fire mod
    • Added a simple Tactical Tutorial
    • Implemented AI Groundwork for Opening Moves and added new Targeting Profiles
    • Fixes and tweaks on tactical intro
    • Ships no longer attempt flanking maneuver against structures
    • Reduced size of Pirate Ship collision box by 50%
    • Fix for collision check parameters for asteroids and added a safeguard condition to choose which behavior to use
    • Added a base accuracy for energy weapons
    • Re-balanced DPS and Ship Survivability

    Ship Design

    • Tooltip upgrade showing HULL SPACE USED.
    • Fix for creating new ships, now the screen handles the info properly
    • Fix for attack rating scale factor
    • Fixed typos and made improvements in weapon and module descriptions


    • Several fixes on dialogues and descriptions

    Sounds Effects

    • Meklar Emperor SFX added
    • Emperors' audience SFX added
    • Audio notifications for Spies added
    • More audience sounds added and updated for all races

    Notable Bug Fixes

    • Fixed exception caused by selecting Build on a Worker Ship when is about to merge with another ship.
    • Fixed softlock when ordering a Spy to Hold.
    • Fixed a softlock in the tutorial after switching planets with the keyboard arrows.
    • Fixed the Buy button not always working properly.
    • Fixed freeze when trying to use the "Stasis Field" special (special not yet implemented)
    • Fixed the battle with the Orion Guardian lasting forever when simulating certain scenarios.
    • Fixed the emperor's voice not stopping when skipping the Council
    • Fixed bug in Tech tree that caused some Tech Nodes to appear as locked when they were in fact available
    • Fix for tactical weapon tooltips and combat speed tooltips from enemy ships
    • Optimization fixes to Navigation Caches and AI_CanTravelTo/Fleet's FindPath
    • Fix for items missing when upgrading blueprints
    • Fixed incorrect Pollution perks descriptions
    • Fix for a blueprint sometimes becoming overweight after autoupgrading
    • Fixed two AI asking for Share Charts at the same time
    • Fix for diplomatic deals spamming when the first one is invalid
    • Fixed update for blueprints not showing when discovering a new computer
    • Crash on early game when reaching unknown civilizations
    • Fixed biological bombs so they don't affect Attack Rating

    Quelle: Steam/NGD

    Master of Orion 4 im Video: Early-Access-Hit?
  • Master of Orion (2016)
    Master of Orion (2016)
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Master of Orion (2016)
Master of Orion : Viertes Early-Access-Update bringt zahlreiche Verbesserungen
Für die Early-Access-Fassung von Master of Orion steht das nunmehr vierte Update bereit, welches zahlreiche und umfassende Optimierungen mit sich bringt. Viele der bereits bestehenden Gameplay-Mechaniken werden mit der Aktualisierungen nochmals verbessert und ausgebaut. Wie Entwickler NGD Studios mitteilt, soll das Weltraum-Strategiespiel noch dieses Jahr in der finalen Version erscheinen.
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