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  • Ground Control 2: International-Patch

    Ground Control 2: International-Patch Dem gestern veröffentlichten englischen Update für Ground Control 2 folgt nun eine internationale Fassung. Die Änderungen stimmen mit der US-Version überein: Neu sind unter anderem Demo-Aufnahme-Features, automatischer Download von Karten beim Betreten eines Mehrspieler-Servers und einige Änderungen am Benutzerinterface. Das komplette Changelog:

    - Added automatic content (map) download when joining a multiplayer server.
    - Added Record & Replay of single player and multiplayer games.
    - Added support for joining games from GameSpy Arcade.
    - Added new in-game Slim GUI (enabled/disabled in the Visual Options menu).
    - Added Super Slim GUI (only mouse + shortcuts enabled) by pressing F10
    in-game. Press F10 twice to return to normal GUI.
    - Added "map bookmarks". Press CTRL-F1..F8 to record a map position and press
    F1..F8 to move camera instantly to the position.
    - Massgate(TM) player chat list is now sorted in alphabetical order.
    - Added Massgate(TM) server list filter for Not full/Not empty.
    - Added scorch marks.
    - Added shorelines.

    - Fixed a firewall problem where a patch file list could not be downloaded
    which made all menus disappear.
    - Fixed bug with MP options. You cannot enter negative numbers in Score limit,
    Time limit, Starting AP and AP Gain any more.
    - Fixed the progress bar so it can be hidden from script.
    - Fixed bug: Unable to create a Massgate(TM) account if the font size is
    - Added a limit of max 10 number of chat rooms per player.
    - Changed so the game doesn't close if cd-key authentication fails. Returns to
    main menu instead.
    - AI behavior improved.
    - AI now uses support weapons NSA Radar and Viron Drop pods.
    - AI now uses NSA Snipers properly.
    - Fixed bug: Sometimes the Anti Missile System (AMS) did not stop single
    - Fixed bug: View & weapon range circles now follow the terrain.
    - Several other minor issues.

    - Maintenance model changed to reflect new unit maintenance values.
    - All units now have different maintenance values.
    - All battlefield units have Presence 1 (i.e. they will count towards no
    presence rule). Note that Deployable Structures do not count towards presence
    on the battlefield.
    - Changed Viron Dropship armor from Exotic to Reinforced.
    - Changed NSA Dropship armor from Exotic to Reinforced.
    - Increased AP cost for Dropship weapon upgrades (NSA & VIRON).

    - Rocket vehicle
    - Decreased Anti Missile System (AMS)
    - Increased weapon range

    - Heavy Terradyne
    - Decreased incoming damage multiplier (secondary mode)

    - Combat Engineers
    - Decreased healing rate for secondary mode
    - Decreased healing rate for primary mode

    - Mobile Artillery
    - Decreased slot size
    - Decreased AP Cost

    - Assault APC
    - Increased AP Cost
    - Decreased Health
    - Decreased auto cloud spawner damage per sec
    - Decreased reload time for secondary shooter
    - Increased rate of fire
    - Added blast damage

    - Transport Helidyne
    - Increased Anti Missile System (AMS) efficiency (secondary mode)
    - Increased speed in primary mode

    - Light Helidyne
    - Reduced view range

    - Sentry gun
    - Reduced reload time

    - Fighter Helidyne
    - Increased dropship occupation
    - Decreased missile damage
    - Penetrator
    - Decreased weapon damage (secondary mode)

    - Missile Vehicle
    - Decreased Anti Missile System (AMS)

    - Great Corruptor
    - Decreased health
    - Decreased auto cloud spawner damage per sec

    - Screamer Helidyne
    - Changed damage type (primary)
    - Increased weapon damage (primary)

  • Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
    Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
    Massive Development

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Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus
Ground Control 2: International-Patch