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  • ArmA 2 Test

    Der Release von ArmA 2 steht kurz bevor: Noch testen Robert Horn und Stefan Weiß ausgiebig die Militär-Simulation ArmA 2. Mittlerweile liegen uns auch ein Beta-Patch vor, der einige entdeckte Bugs beheben soll, sowie Interviews mit Entwickler Bohemia und Publisher Peter Games.

    English version of our interview with Bohemia's Marek Spanel (Deutsche Leser blättern bitte auf Seite 3):
    PC Games: We had grave issues with the review copy (retail copies). The singleplayer campaign was nearly not playable because of a multitude of problems. Often we reached a checkpoint an nothing happened, enemies didn't shoot at us, or objectives got solved/failed without us even knowing of it. What went wrong? Did no Beta-Tester find these problems? How was it possible that such a buggy, not-ready version got into the mastering lab

    Marek Spanel: It is very unfortunate that the campaign left such a bad impression. We already been working on the story and campaign for very long time, large testing was undergoing for many months. Part of the problem is that ARMA II is incredible big and even the campaign is just a smaller part of it (I know, very important for many users). Despite we are aware of various problems, bugs and possible improvements, we certainly don't see German ARMA II as something completely broken. When the German master was finished, we felt it's quite good, since then we already had chance to play test even more and collect more feedback which found its way into the upcoming updates.

    We realize that the campaign maybe doesn't stand to your expectations but we hope that all the improvements made for the first patch will already make it much closer to what you hoped it will be initially. I just played German version 1.00 today to try some of the situations you mentioned enjoyed it despite I found a problem here or there. I'm personally not humiliated by my team mates sometimes fighting better than I do, and if something goes wrong or unexpected this game is so complex that often there is a way to find another solution of your current mission. Also, what is quite unusual is that some things happen completely differently every time I try a mission. I think the bugs do not kill the open nature of the game and that sheer scope, amount of content or beautiful country of Chernarus will more than compensate for these issues.

    PC Games: There is a Beta-Patch for all German reviewers. The patch is strictly not for normal customers. So what happens when people buy your game on Friday? Will they get any patch at all?

    Marek Spanel: We're going to release a patch on Friday for all customers, this will be the beta patch, since we are already testing a newer version which will be released during the next week.

    PC Games: There is a huge discussion throughout the internet about ArmA 2 and its bugs. How will you react to that?

    Marek Spanel: So far, not many people have really played the game so we need to wait some more time to get more clear picture of what people like and dislike about the game. As always in past with our previous games, we are fully dedicated to support our users in all possible ways and the initial launch of the game is only a beginning and we are going to listen to our user base and try to provide them with dedicated support for months and years to come.

    PC Games: How fast will you be able to solve the biggest issues in ArmA 2?

    Marek Spanel: I believe we already went a long way since version 1.00 and that the upcoming patch 1 next week will improve the game heavily, especially the quality of the campaign. This version 1.01 is also what will be released in rest of the world. In late June we plan to release Patch 2, version 1.02 which should provide even more.

    PC Games: What dou you want to tell the german players who already bought your game?

    Marek Spanel: We hope that despite some of the flaws and bugs you still will enjoy the game and will get into the deep and complex world created there. We can only ensure you about our continuous support and dedication and we hope your past experience with our games proves it's not only words. We also would like to thank German user community for ongoing support since our PC debut back in 2001. Without them, we wouldn't have opportunity to realize and grow our vision of complex military game until these days.

    Weiter geht's auf Seite 3!

  • Armed Assault 2

    Armed Assault 2

    Bohemia Interactive Studio
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    Es gibt 672 Kommentare zum Artikel
    Von SOD-SnakeByte
    Also ich spiele Arma2 auch seit Release. Der SP hat selbst mit 1.03 noch immer Skriptschwächen, die Performance ist mäßig für die Grafikqualität und viele grundlegende Punkte wie LOS der KI ärgern mich immer wieder. Im MP spiele ich eigentlich nur Coop-Maps. Auch da gibts bei den bekannten Maps wie "One…
    Von Slayer023
    Ups...ja ich mein natürlich ArmA 2...
    Die Graphik ist zwar schon voll in Ordnung aber sie ist mir zu "rau" weiß nicht wie man das erklären soll. Die Landschaften sind wunderschön, grad beim Sonnenaufgang in der ersten Mission...aber die Gebäude und die Personen gefallen mir nicht...es kommt mir so…
    Von STF
    Redest du jetzt von ArmA1 oder 2?
    Bei welchem Teil ist die Grafik echt nicht so toll?
    Welches Spiel von beiden hat völlig versagt?
    Oder schließt du von ArmA1 auf ArmA2?
    Kann man aus deinem zusammen gewürfelten Text nicht wirklich entnehmen.

    Ich persönlich finde Arma2 sogar sehr schön, was die Optik…

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Armed Assault 2
ArmA 2 Test
Der Release von ArmA 2 steht kurz bevor: Noch testen Robert Horn und Stefan Weiß ausgiebig die Militär-Simulation ArmA 2. Mittlerweile liegen uns auch ein Beta-Patch vor, der einige entdeckte Bugs beheben soll, sowie Interviews mit Entwickler Bohemia und Publisher Peter Games.
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